Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sweet Williams and the First Delphiniums

Here are the first opening buds of the Delphinium x elatum "Summer Skies" from the Pacific giant series of delphiniums. They are a lovely light blue that looks almost iridescent when observed closely. In front of them are the white Campanula persicifolia (Peachleaf Bellflower). If you know anyone who has either of these, they'd probably be willing to give you one, as both plants reseed and multiply easily.

I was so inspired by the grand appearance of the Pacific giant series of delphiniums that I also grew "Blue Bird" and "King Arthur" from seed last year. I don't see any buds on the "King Arthur" yet, but here is a small plant showing the colors of Delphinium x elatum "Blue Bird". The royal blue closely matches the blue cornflowers (Centaurea cyanus) that are also just starting to bloom.
These flowers made their appeal to my nose, especially when the blooms first opened. These Dianthus barbatus (Sweet Williams) are a biennial I started from seed last year. Actually, I thought they might have been mislabeled weed seeds, as they only had an unorganized mash of leaves last year. A gardener's patience is rewarded...and I have very little patience...


kate said...

Your Delphiniums are looking great. I like the colours. Those Sweet Williams keep springing up for years and years after they've been planted. I grew some from seed three years' ago and they keep reseeding.

We've cooled down drastically from a few days' ago, which is good. We also got some badly-needed rain. How is the weather there?

Gardenista said...

Thanks Kate! I actually want more of the Sweet Williams, so if they reseed, I'll be happy!