Saturday, July 14, 2007

Garden Glories in the Morning

The garden called me from my bed this morning at 6:45 am. Yes, on a weekend. Garden photography is generally better this time of day and I needed to catch some photos of things that are shaded by the afternoon. I was rewarded by my first morning glory bloom! I have never grown these before and the seeds had been sitting in the basement for a few years before I finally decided to plant them. They are one of these seeds you are supposed to either soak or chip (cut a hole in the seed coat - I use an exacto knife). I did both and had very successful germination! I am growing the vines up some support columns for a deck and a rain downspout.
Ipomoea purpurea "Star of Yelta" (Morning glory)

My delphiniums are coming into full bloom. I am impressed that they haven't fallen over despite a tremendous rainstorm two nights ago.

Delphinium x elatum "Summer Skies"
Malva moschata: first blooms 4 days ago. I started this plant from seed 2 years ago. The plants got so big I removed all but this one. It grows about 3 feet (90 cm) tall and 3 feet (90 cm) wide. It's one of those informal "cottage garden" type plants and self seeds a bit.

The "Rock Garden"

I like how the creeping thyme (Thymus serpyllum) has filled in the blank spots and now has delicate purple blooms. The creeping thyme grows so easily that I wouldn't feel badly if I decided to rip it out and plant something else in its place. I works well as a "filler".


Sanni said...

I found a new interesting garden again. Fun! I came here from quus blogs comments, Finland.
Nice looking garden you have. Fighting with long winters too I suppose? We are having very rainy summer so far. Last summer was badly dry so wet wet wet this year :)

Anita said...

Good evening!

Thanks a lot for passing by my little garden blog and leaving such a nice comment! Oh, as I can see one of my Finish garden friends, Sanni, has been here, too! (I guess you found my site via her blog, didn't you?)

So you wondered what the little upside-down clay pots are for? I use them as plant lables! Have a look at one of my last year's post with more pictures on them:

Oh, we almost had not snow at all last winter! it was a very mild one and snowed only one or two mornings and immediately melted away....

By the way, congrats on your morning glories, they are so pretty! Mine are not blooming yet!

Best wishes from Germany,

Karen said...

Well, I'm here catching up on all the posts I missed. Your vermicompost is wonderful. Our two outdoor composters do well enough for us, but the regional government here is touting vermicomposting too. I really need a sifter for my compost though. Some of it tends to get a bit chunky, but I use it anyway.

kate said...

I am envious!! My morning glories are about 2 feet high and not looking as if they will be blooming anytime soon. And I started them indoors ...

I wonder what it is about delphiniums this year. I haven't staked mine and they are still upright. (Now just watch because I said this, they will tumble over tonight...)

Your rock garden is looking great ... creeping thyme is easy to grow as long as the dog isn't peeing on it.