Friday, July 20, 2007

A Bird, a Rose, and a Lily

While I was watering the garden, I heard some cheeping in the lilac bush and saw two baby birds. They still had a little bit of downy fluff attached to them and didn't look entirely ready to fly away. I ran to get the camera and when I returned, there was only one baby bird. Maybe the other one returned to a nest deep in the lilac bush or maybe it flew away. I'd never heard or seen birds in this shrub before today!
Baby bird in the lilac bush
Parkland Series Hardy Rose: "Morden Blush" and "Cote d' Azur" Asiatic Lilies.
I believe this is Asiatic Lily "America". I get confused between this one and the LA Hybrid Lily "Fangio", which is quite similar in color. I did some google searching though, and found that Fangio is more pink than dark red like this one!

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