Monday, July 09, 2007

My Polly Pocket Vegetable Garden

This is my very small vegetable garden. I think balcony container-gardeners might produce more vegetables, yet the rhubarb might be a bit hard to replicate in a container setting. This raised bed is out at the back of the property and surrounded by weeds. It may look unsightly, but it works. Actually, I think RLM has sprayed glyphosate on the weeds and plans to put crushed rock all around here. Then we'll have weeds growing in crushed rock...

I used a bunch of my cilantro and basil to make a Thai food feast this weekend (it was delicious). This inspired me to create a "Thai garden" for future ethnic cookery. I like how Thai food is spicy and light, and the fresh herbs not only look appealing sprinkled on as a garnish, but taste fabulous in the dishes.

I found and sowed some lemongrass and red chili pepper seeds. Of course, they will be kept indoors under grow lights, as peppers grown outdoors here only seem to grow leaves. The lemongrass seed packet said that it can grow up to five feet tall, and I suppose it is more of a tropical-type plant. Cilantro and basil are easy to grow indoors, so I can have my fresh Thai herbs year-round. Unfortunately, we will still be going to the store for the coconut and cashews.

Our furry companion guards the rhubarb and keeps watch of what I am doing out here.

My pole beans are just starting to climb their pole. I also have radishes, beets, 4 types of lettuce, grape tomatoes, scallions, sunflowers, rosemary, savory, thyme, and carrots growing in there. I am more of a flower-grower at heart, but I really enjoy the fresh tasty garden treats.

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