Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Random Blooms of the Garden

Here is Hybrid Asiatic Lily "Cote d'Azur". It is a shorter lily (about 50 cm) and is a very pretty shade of cherry pink. I've had this variety for three years, and its divisions occupy many places in my flower garden.

I was hoping that I had some purple poppies on the way, and here is the first one! This is Papaver somniferum, an annual poppy with no particular variety name.
Here is a perennial that always looks good in its peak flowering season: Campanula carpatica "Blue Clips", the Carpathian bluebell. I also have "White Clips". They stay compact, get smothered in flowers, and can be easily divided in the spring to make more of them. Deadheading them is a bit tedious, but does result in more flowers. They can be started from seed, but I mainly just get more from division.

A view through the Delphiniums (D. x elatum "Summer skies"), which are at full bloom.

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