Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Skies of La Ronge This Week

Altogether, it has been a hot and humid week. Temperatures have been 26-30 C (79-86 F) with humidity of 75% to 99%, which makes it feel much warmer, of course. Today there are a few clouds, but because it didn't cool off much last night, the house feels terribly warm. We have no air conditioning and no duct system in the house, so no way of putting in central air conditioning either! Ahhhh! I suppose if we did have air conditioning, the orchids might wonder where their tropical conditions went!
Also this week we've had quite a few days with smoke in the air from forest fires. There are 16 forest fires (according to the SK Environment website) burning in the province right now, and I hear that fires in Manitoba are sending smoke our way as well. This is a far better situation than last year at this time, when large numbers of people were evacuated because of the fire and smoke situation.
Finally, I was suprised to hear the awesome roar of jets 2 days ago but couldn't get outside fast enough to hear what was making the noise. It sounded like the fighter jets that would occasionally fly over my hometown at airshows. Resident-lawnmower-man came home that day and said he saw the Snowbirds (Canadian Forces Air Demonstration Squadron based out of Moosejaw, Saskatchewan) at the airport just as his plane was taking off. I checked their schedule online and it seems that they were at an airshow in The Pas, Manitoba (east of us) the day before and are in Fort McMurray, Alberta (west of us) today. I guess they were just stopping halfway for gas, a bathroom break, and sandwiches...

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