Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pretty Penstemon in the Mixed Border

Here is Penstemon ovatus, grown from seed I purchased from VanDusen Gardens seed store in British Columbia (sadly, I bought them online -- I've never even been to the garden!). I just checked their website and noticed they are not selling that seed this season, but they are selling several other penstemons.
This plant is also known as the Broadleaf penstemon or Eggleaf beardtongue, one of many many penstemons! I noticed that the plant self-seeded in the area around it, and I'm letting the seedlings grow. I like the medium green leathery leaves on this plant.

It is an attractive hardy herbaceous perennial and grows about 18-24 inches tall in part shade under my mountain ash tree. It is recommended for rock gardens, but I think it is a bit too tall for most rock gardens. There are shorter species of Penstemon that might be more suitable. Other than some harmless mild self-seeding, this plant does not seem to be invasive.

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