Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Orange Fluffy Fruits: Saskatoon Berry Rust

I have been curious about these strange fruits on our Saskatoon berry bushes this year. Several fruits are covered in what looks like little orange tufts or horns. An orange powder transfers onto the surface of nearby fruit.

Searching the internet reveals that this is likely Saskatoon-Juniper rust. It is more likely with a delayed fruit in conditions with a cold wet spring. Well, everything is certainly late this year and the spring was definitely cold and wet. There is one juniper plant in the same raised bed, though from a distance, it looks okay. The information says that the juniper has galls in spring, which I may have not noticed. I could live without the juniper though, if that would help. For that matter, I don't even like the Saskatoon bushes.

Anyone have any recommendations? I hate to think that this problem will get worse next year, with fungus spores spreading far and wide.


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi there .. I have had a little of that this Spring with the new Serviceberry tree we planted .. There is a spray with a special mix of oil and anti-fungal substances, called "dormant spray" that inhibits the rust problem .. you spray before the buds break in the Spring .. and you can spray in the Autumn once all of the fruit is off the tree or shrub.
The web should have more details .. better yet if you ask at a local garden center they can give you more information about it.
Hope that helps ?

Anonymous said...

The color of the berries is awesome. Sorry about the rust.

J thoms said...

We have that on all of the Saskatoon Berry trees on our street in Waterloo Ontario.

Barbie Chiu said...

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Lloyd Burritt.com said...

I have enormous Saskatoon Berry Bushes that look like trees on my West Vancouver property....some as high as 30 feet. love their blueish-green small round leaves and stunning silver white blossoms followed my rich purple-black fruit (and so do the countless birds that fly by).I I live on a granite bluff with steep rock faces all round and I suspect these Saskatoons have been on this property for a very long time. Numerous seedlings appear in the rock bluff cracks and seem to be able to grow with little of no soil. They love the heat. I face the Salish Sea so my atmosphere is full of ocean salt air all the time. This morning I saw what I thought was wild honeysuckle growing to the very top tips of these Saskatoon Trees. I went out and examined more closely and an orange powder sprinkled onto my hands staining them like paint pigment. Just another sign of 'our' failure to protect our environment!

Lloyd Burritt.com said...

I'm gonna have to rent a hot-air balloon to spray my Saskatoon berry trees ;-)