Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bring on the April Showers

Snow, snow, go away...
The yard on March 28:

The yard today, on a cloudy and wet day:

The landscape has changed significantly in the past three days. The snow has been replaced by mud and rain. The lake ice is now topped with blue puddles for the first time this year. The snowmobiles may stop soon, or risk getting soaked.
First growth in rock garden, the tips of Tulipa humilis:

Kona the dog, waiting for the sun to come back:

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Aha, it IS Winter

Well, the last few weeks of optimism and bare earth has been buried by snow that fell last night. This probably isn't too bad, because things were starting to look a bit dry. Also, snowmobiling will go much smoother now. More snow and cold for the next week! There won't be any sprouting tips of crocuses or early tulips for a few more weeks yet, folks.

We had just unwrapped the shrub at the center of this photo!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Early Melting of Snow

While many gardeners in this country have already seen their crocuses come and go, we are watching the snow melt (crocuses will appear in April). Actually, it has been an early melt this year, with daytime highs above freezing for more than a week. The snowmobilers are still roaring around on the lake, though cross-country skiing is losing ground, with patches of grass showing up on their trails.
The lake will be frozen for a while yet. A truck can be seen driving on the ice road in this picture:

It has been so nice that I couldn't resist letting the fresh air in, opening the deck doors and soaking in the sunshine. Unfortunately, since the snow started retreating from the lawn, I have felt itchy eyes and phlegm in my throat. I believe my body is protesting the snow mold, which hadn't bothered me before, but seems to be fairly common among long-time residents of this area. Somehow, I feel like I'd be much happier to be sneezing at something green and spewing out pollen at this colorless time of year.
Raised beds:

Patches of snow on the lawn and the sloped rock garden:

Alpine garden, starting to peek from beneath the snow: