Friday, August 18, 2006

Growing A Garden of Birdseed

The yard is growing well, but many of the perennials are done for the season and others with aspirations of world domination were removed, making me wish I had some annuals to fill up the empty spaces!

These sunflowers grew out of compost laden with birdseed! Resident-lawnmower-man had put the birdseed in the compost (after it got wet and he thought it had gone rotten) and I added the compost to this flowerbed in the spring.

Here's the center raised bed after my "renovations". I am going to add some colorful short annuals to the front next year. I also need to divide the lilies, as they multiply so quickly!

Pictured at right: The pink Digitalis purpura (Foxglove) were started from seed early this year and I am happy to see this late summer bloom.

Pictured at left: The bright pink Echinacea purpura attracts hundred of butterflies and is a joy of the late summer flower garden.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Beavers down the Road

While I get the yard weeded and worked-upon, here is an unique nature image: a beaver dam with sophistication. I saw this yesterday on the highway 105 km south of La Ronge. You may ask what a beaver would do with digital cable from Bell Express Vu? Well, perhaps the winters are too long and boring. Or maybe they're watching HGTV for ideas on home (dam) renovation? The possibilities are endless, really.