Sunday, July 22, 2007

Regal Lily Blooms in the Garden

I have some lovely lilies blooming right now. I am now pretty sure that this wine red lily is an Asiatic Lily "America". All the other lilies in that bed are LA hybrids, which I prefer.
The LA hybrids are taller and have larger flowers. They are actually a cross between longiflorum and asiatic lilies, having the upright-facing flowers of the asiatics and trumpet shape of the longiflorums. The Texas A&M university horticulture website says that these are hardy to USDA zone 5, but my lilies are living in a raised bed in a zone 3-ish yard (we are in zone 1b with a good microclimate). Obviously, these lilies are very hardy.
LA hybrid Lily "Courier" -first bloom
"Courier" Lily among pink Malva moschata. These perennials, along with a columbine, potentilla, and catmint are planted over and around tulips, effectively disguising the dead foliage.

"Lemon Pixie" is another shorter lily, or "pot lily" variety. A friend's dog ate all the blooms off this one couple of years ago. His act was obvious from the telltale pollen all over his nose. He was fine, demonstrating that this lily must not be toxic to dogs! I also have this lily in a barrel planter, where it has overwintered two winters and seems to thrive. This defies all hardiness rules!

Asiatic Lily "Lemon Pixie"

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kate said...

Your lilies are gorgeous. It's amazing how sometimes we can grow things we would not have imagined possible... defying all expert knowledge.

I can't imagine what possessed your friend's dog to eat the lilies. Maybe they are tasty to animals though since they seem to be a favourite of deer.