Thursday, July 26, 2007

My Friend the Dragonfly

While some people say they dislike or are scared of dragonflies, I must profess my admiration for these insects. I caught this one sitting still on the lamb's ears. It was eating a blackfly. Hallelujah! What a fabulous insect! I'd really like to see a larger population of dragonflies, ones that become obese from gorging themselves on nasty biting insects.
You can see a bit of the finger-lickin' good blackfly if you look closely:For some reason, the mosquitoes, blackfly and dragonfly numbers are way down this year. This is a phenomenon everybody in town has noticed and also seems to be affecting the far north, according to my friend in Yellowknife. There are local theories about late frosts and whatnot, but we really have no idea why this is.


Anonymous said...

I do love the dragonfly. They give a respectful berth to people, but are deadly hunters of the pests that pester us.

That's interesting what you say about the populations. Did you know that dragonfly populations are way up in Saskatoon? They're everywhere down here. People are calling the Summer of the Dragonfly. I've never seen so many. Do dragonflies migrate I wonder?

Owin & Irena said...

I love translucent dragonfly wings...they simply shimmer don't they? sadly, haven't seen too many here in toronto.

Gardenista said...

The only bad thing about the dragonflies is how they clog up the grill on your car when you're out highway driving. I kinda feel bad when we hit them, but we also need to drive too!

Jay Kay said...

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