Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January Skies

Yes, I haven't posted in a while. However, I plan to make this a great year for garden documentation and photography, eventually culminating in a photo book for myself to forever remember 2012 in my garden. I suppose my next tasks need to be buying seeds, buying some seed-starting mix, and gathering all the little pots from the shed.

What can I say about the yard? Snow, snow and more snow. Oh, and cold. If you try to keep up with the activity of the aurora borealis, you may have read about the massive sun storms going on since January 19th. I follow this forecasting website from Alaska. The forecast for northern lights is tonight is in the "extreme" range. I hear that the intensity of the sun storm is even causing havoc for satellites, precision GPS, high-altitude polar flights, and potentially for the international space station. Fortunately, we get to see some spectacular northern lights in return for all this solar violence. The lights should be visible as far south as New York City and North Dakota.

My significant challenge in taking photos of the northern lights is finding company. Not too many folks enjoy standing around outside in -25C, at night. Maybe I need to find the ice-fishing crowd and interest them in SLR cameras. Hmmm.