Thursday, August 14, 2008

Theft from my La Ronge Blog - Unbelievable!

While I don't have an explicit copyright warning on my blog, it is usually common courtesy to request permission for the use of photos or other content from a personal blog. Today we found one of my blog images in a commercial publication from a company based in Regina, SK. My husband nearly threw away the glossy flyer they sent to our post office box, but then burst out in laughter and had to explain to the post office staff why he was laughing.

A communications company was ignorant enough to swipe a digital creation off one of my May 2008 blog posts. Of all images to copy from my blog, it was a spoof image extensively digitally edited to make fun of our town's welcome sign. This cable television provider placed it on the center of the front of the flyer, below a picture of a kid that they might have taken from some other unfortunate blogger.

In that post, I was pointing out the lack of progress in the sign's construction after its initial erection in 2007. Fortunately, there has been some progress on the sign in the last few weeks, with some nice masonry adding a handsome base to the sign. However, I don't think any plants have been added yet. I would also like to point out that almost all of the flowers in the spoof image would not grow here.

A quick google search (which is probably how they found all the photos) reveals the source of the guy-with-fish photos.

I have created several digital garden images to test my own garden design ideas and to show family members some potential designs for their yards. It is a credit to the makers of the PC program Realtime Landscaping Pro that someone actually thought this was a real photograph rather than a digital creation!

Here is my spoof image of the La Ronge sign done in "Victoria, British Columbia" theme.
The original photo was taken in May, thus the surrounding vegetation is still dormant and the grass is brown at this time of year.

My question to this communications company is, why didn't you use this (below) photo from my blog? Did you think the locals wouldn't notice? Has anybody from your Regina office actually been to La Ronge?


Bryan said...

And here's the source for the canoe photo:

Very, very, very lame work by Access

Carmen said...

Just bizarre, Lisa! I hope you get some sort of retraction -- or at least a promise not to do anything so stupid again. And with a fake photo, at that. Yoikes. Makes me almost wish I got the flyers instead of having my box on "no flyers" -- I'd love to have a copy for my "what NOT to do in advertising/marketing".

easygardener said...

Amazing - what a lazy effort by the company - and not noticing a fake photo! Doesn't inspire confidence in their capabilities.

Mary Ann said...

Sorry to hear this happened to you. You may want to check out -- although it is in its early stages, it can trace images digitally (meaning, not the file name, it maps the images themselves and compares them to others on the 'net).

Karen said...

How weird. I've had tons of stuff stolen from me (resulting in me putting copyright notices EVERYWHERE, as I'm sure you've seen), but never anything so blatant and well, just ignorant.

Northern Shade said...

Normally copyright abuse is so annoying, but their choice of image is so funny. Are they that detached from the real world?
Have you taken up the palm idea with the city yet? It would be great for tourism brochures.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Unbelievable. What's with those people. And do copyright notices actually work? The laws differ so much from country to country.

Kandace Groenewegen said...

Well that confirms my recent decision to go private (however 'secure' a blogger password is....) For all I know, Grayson is Japan's Gerber baby!!

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