Monday, August 04, 2008

Vibrant Colors, Hardy Blooms

After a few days of rain, the lilies are still looking great. These LA hybrid lilies have dutifully multiplied, making a more impressive show each year.
Center raised bed with lilies, and pink Malva moschata:

I don't remember buying this lily, but referring to the online store that I buy my lilies from, this must be "Royal Trinity" LA hybrid lily. I've been calling it my canteloupe lily.

This little mystery plant has come up for a few years, with sickly-looking foliage that resembled that of a lily. It has the shape of a trumpet lily and is pink like many of my lilies, but I've never bought a trumpet lily! Most of my lilies are LA hybrids, and maybe this one is some sort of seedling reversion to a parent lily?

LA Hybrid lilies "Yellow Tycoon".
I absolutely love the LA hybrid lilies, which have sturdy cold-hardy plants with amazing large blooms. I highly recommend them. I just made another lily order from Lilies in the Valley, a Canadian mail-order company.

The Saskatoon berry crop is very good this year.
I picked a litre from my 3 young plants and made a berry crisp. Now if only I could grow the vanilla icec ream!

My pink crossed with a purple poppy, a gift from the pollinating bees. The poppies have reached the end of their season now.

Evening photo of impatiens "Little Elf" mix, started from seed this year. They look fabulous in the half-barrel under the partial shade of the poplar tree.

Scabiosa caucasica
"House's Hybrid", a white variety from the color mix. This perennial has taken 3 years to start blooming, which is a long wait. These flowers have long stems with a small loose bunch of foliage at the base, looking best in a mixed perennial flower bed rather than as a feature plant.


Karen said...

It's a very nice trumpet lily, no matter how you got it. All your lilies are great. I like the name "Canteloupe Lily". It certainly fits.

Cicero Sings said...

You could raise your own cow ... fresh, healthy, un-homogenized milk/cream ... just think of the wonderful ice-cream you'd have then! ... to go with those wonderful berry crips?!