Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Purple Carrots and a White Orchid

I picked the first of my purple carrots, which added some sweet carrot flavor to my lunchtime salad. I admit to child-like interests in my vegetable garden, selecting novelty vegetables and drooling over Lee Valley's "veggie-forms" that can make your squash and cucumbers grow into ugly-old-man faces. Next year we'll have some purple tomatoes and the spiky Romanesco broccoli just because I want to see what they look and taste like! So far, the diaper-wearing junior gardener has approved my my interesting veggies.

This poor white Phalaenopsis orchid is blooming despite being repotted while in bud, which is an orchid sin I have committed on more than one occasion. Also, some brushes with careless humans (mostly myself) have knocked off a few buds, to complement the shriveled one on the end of the spike (which is probably from the trauma of repotting). It HAD to be repotted though, since the former pot was too small and falling apart. Would you believe there is yet another phalaenopsis in the basement with a new spike of buds? Unbelievable! I love these plants.


Anonymous said...

I love the veggie forms! I saw on the lee valley tools website too. I may have to buy them next time I go there.

I also commit that orchid sin all the time lol. Mine don't seem to mind though. :)

easygardener said...

I too commit the repotting sin with orchids and other house plants. I've convinced myself that if I do it really fast...the plant won't notice.