Thursday, August 07, 2008

First Daylilies

It seems outrageous that I am finally seeing my first daylilies, since the rest of Canada has been posting about them for weeks now. Actually, I think I must have later-blooming varieties, since I've seen other daylilies in town blooming well over a month ago. From what I read, double-bloom daylilies are generally not favoured by many daylily enthusiasts because of their soggy-toilet-paper-like appearance when the blooms are finished. This yellow daylily was my first one ever, so I had to have something more interesting, which in my mind, was a double bloom.

Daylily "Double River Wye":
I finally caught this daylily in nice morning sun thanks to an early morning small dog scuffle in the backyard, where the sisters where NOT getting along. While checking the dogs, I noted this excellent garden lighting!

LA Hybrid lilies "Courier",
a towering plant with cream-colored flowers that look great in this 7:00 am light.

LA Hybrid daylily "Auckland"
, a white lily with a unique bloom shape:

A regular red annual poppy (Papaver rhoeas). The crinkled-paper appearance never ceases to amaze me. I moved the orange lily next to the reddish-orange poppies, and it looks much more at home.

Lavatera "Silver Cup",
an impressive annual that covers itself in beautiful hibiscus-like blooms. This is the first year I've grown this annual from seed.

Mystery plant from the compost
has buds on it yet all of them seem reluctant to open. What are they waiting for?

The large raised bed is in need of some deadheading. I was out there gardening last night when some children passing by commented favourably on my work. I think they thought I was the hired help (which we have none of).


easygardener said...

I do like the poppy - like fine tissue paper isn't it. Even quite ordinary varieties always look appealing.
I'm glad the orange lily has found a suitable home at last!

spookydragonfly said...

Great lily photos..I love any kind of daylily or the Asiatic! Boy, that blue Siberian Iris sure is pretty!

The Ms. S said...

The "Auckland" is beautiful!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Love your new layout. That blue really shines.