Friday, May 16, 2008

More La Ronge Welcome Signs

I had so much fun re-making our town's abandoned welcome sign a few days ago, that I decided to make more digital landscapes. Check out my new La Ronge welcome sign with surrounding theme gardens:
Original sign and existing landscaping:

"Rustic Perennial" garden (click on any picture to see detail):

"Urban Chic" garden:

"If La Ronge were a suburb of Victoria, BC" garden:


Karen said...

I like the rustic perennial garden. I guess that's the most like my own gardening style, though. Except the large drift of one kind of plant in the middle. I'd be mixing that up a lot more if it were me, with my "mosaic" gardening.

Amy said...

Lol! What fun! I think the "rustic perennial" is the best fit too, though like Karen, that tends to be my gardening style. I wonder how much of that is my own tastes, and how much is influenced by where I live (where rustic perennial fits right in).

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

TOO funny on the Victoria version. That is SO true! HAHAHA!!