Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Beautiful Late Season Gentian

My one Gentiana septemfida is bigger and better this year and its blooms are so beautiful. If you don't have this hardy perennial, you should definitely get one. It is a nice lush green compact plant with large bell shaped flowers of the deepest true blue.

Here's a lesson I should be learning, but refuse to acknowledge: Primula denticulata does not appreciate our climate. It really does need a moist location and spends most of it life in a wilted state under the ash tree in my yard. Two out of the three drumstick primulas are quilt wilty (the fourth plant here being a hosta). I suppose not everything I admire in Victoria, BC will grow here. So unfortunate.

Center raised bed, with annual pink Lavatera "Silver Cup" in the center.

I am still mulling over my fall bulb purchases, waiting for the catalogs to have their "last minute" discounts as the big season approaches. I think I'll order mostly from Botanus in BC, but when I find my Veseys catalog again, I'll be picking a few from there too. I know that one or both of these catalogs five a discount if you quote the code printed on the catalog, so hopefully Veseys sends me another one.

I can never have enough tulips! Of course, the wallet will tire of shelling out for tulips before I will ever have too many. Thankfully RLM is also of the opinion that the potential resale value of the house increases with the beauty of the landscaping. What I good thing I have going here...


spookydragonfly said...

Your Lavatera is very pretty and I love that stone border..we have the stone border, too...just not so high..I like the look.

O.I.M said...

that gentian looks awesome. you reminded me of fall bulbs just as I was getting a little melancholy about summer's dwindling days. Hooray.