Friday, January 04, 2008


Here is a beautiful morning sunrise, which now occurs between 9:00 and 9:30. Thank-goodness the sunrise is getting earlier each day.
In contrast to much of southern Saskatchewan, La Ronge is not in the middle of flat prairie. We do not have road networks that resemble graph paper when mapped. The terrain is too rocky and irregular for any of that neat and tidy north-and-south stuff. Thus, our house sits at an irregular angle, looking out onto the lake over our neighbour's house. Using Google Earth and the location of the sunrise, I'd say we face southeast. Who needs a compass? Well, we do have a GPS. You never know when you might get lost in your own garden.


kate said...

That is a beautiful photograph... you are lucky that your terrain is not as flat as here. It hasn't been much colder there this winter than it has been here. At least it doesn't seem so when I check the weather network.

Cherie said...

Beautiful prairie sunrise. I miss those things now that I am in Ontario. My biggest complaint about the Niagara region, the sun never shines. I would settle with -40 everyday just to see the sun. It may be +1 or +2 but with dark cloudy days it gets very depressing. Down right teary, actually.

Being from Saskatchewan, people would think I would love the warm winter temperatures. But really, I would love to feel the sun.