Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Hotspot of Saskatchewan

Wow! This morning's weather report indicated that La Ronge was the "hot spot" of the province, at -7 degrees Celsius. We should feel all warm and cozy at that kind of temperature. I should be outside enjoying the balmy air, but instead I am wrapped in a wool sweater, sitting at the computer, and making excuses to stay inside. Perhaps I'll do something active and invigorating, like bake cookies...

In the meanwhile, my amaryllis (part of the office Christmas gift exchange) is blooming beautifully. As much as I may put a lot of time into my plants, I really don't have the interest nor space to keep amaryllis over the rest of the year and I'd rather just get a new one each year, if I do get one at all.


Diane said...

I too can no longer be bothered with trying to get them to rebloom. In fact, just this morning, I posted my two amaryllis bulbs that are now 'resting' and hope someone will happily pick them up. I have two more amaryllis (one currently in bloom and the other getting there) -- once they're done blooming, I'll give those two away on freecycle as well.

We're almost in the identical latitude when I look on a map (you in Sask and me in AB).

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Crafty Gardener said...

Beautiful blooms on your amaralysis. I never had luck with second blooms, just got lots of leaves.

kate said...

Now that's cool - I just posted a picture of my amaryllis that started blooming yesterday. It is exactly the same colour as one you have.

La Ronge as the hotspot in SK is pretty amazing. It was cold yesterday, but warmed up to 2c today.