Saturday, December 29, 2007

Indoor Pepper

I grew my first sweet pepper from seed: indoors and under lights.  It wasn't the most successful project, because the plants got too tall and started to grow into the fluorescent lights.  Oh well. This tiny sweet red pepper tasted great, something like sweet green grapes.  The variety was "Top Girl".  I have no idea why I picked this pepper in particular.  If there were really short versions of pepper plants, I'd have chosen those.  
"Top Girl" sweet red pepper

Outside of the basement, the phalaenopsis orchid is re-blooming nicely.  There are many buds yet to open.  

I notice that my paphiopedilum is also going to bloom again.  My own blog reminds me of its last bloom in March, 2007.  Several types of orchids seem to prefer to bloom in winter.  Their blooms, and occasionally their scents, are a nice contrast to the cold white winter outside.  Mine grow just inside my living room window, with no special care other than the usual watering and occasional orchid fertilizer.  I take some care to prevent them getting direct sun and sunburns, though.    


Owin & Irena said...

peppers are tough to grow. it's impressive that you've managed to do it indoors and under lights. congratulations.

Annie said...

Beautiful beautiful orchids. - it must be tough with the snow.

Gardenista said...

Thanks for the comments
Owin & Irena - I think indoor peppers are easier than outdoor peppers here. They seem to do better in warmer climates. It does get warm here in summer, but not for a long enough period of time.

Annie - Thanks. The weather was actually quite warm yesterday and the skies clear, so it makes the snow seem not as bad.

Kandace Groenewegen said...

Amazing! That would cost about 2.50 up here....!!!

Diane said...

now you have me totally envious. You should post a blog entry on what you feel your success is with your orchids. I've read about how to care for them, have followed the readings to the letter and still I kill every one of them (and at $50 each, I've quit buying them). I'm now thinking it may be our well water that's killing them.

IF I could grow orchids, I would have one in every room of my home, but alas it seems my thumb is black & blue when it comes to these lovelies. :)

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