Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Life's Motto

For my birthday, my mother got me this nice plaque on a stake, which I have planted in with a potted tree in our house. Amen. Otherwise, I'd be taking pictures of clean floors and washed dishes, and no one would read a blog like that.


Diane said...

I love your new motto and your sense of humour about the subject for photos!

Diane at Sand to Glass
Diane's Flickr photos

Owin & Irena said...

ha. love it. I bet a lot of people can relate to that motto.

Ottawa Gardener said...

Here here! Hmmm does someone have a blog about cleaning?

GardenJoy4 said...

Friends gave me that little gem a couple of years ago .. don't leave it out in all weather in your garden .. mine fell apart , DARN !!! It is the right attitude in life to have ! haha
Joy : )

April said...

I'll have to remember that motto for future. Also, enjoyed the amaryllis photos. It's gorgeous! So nice to have these beauties decorating the house in the winter. I'm happy to have found another northern blogger. I'm in central B.C where it's -26C this morning.

kate said...

It's a motto I have followed faithfully for more years than I can count.