Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cold Enough Already

Impressively, the weather network is reporting our temperature as -42 Celsius today as of 9:00 this morning. I took this picture at sunrise, a few minutes before 9:00 am today:
Mom and dad in BC will probably point out that they are "suffering" at the current temperatures of -9 degrees there. Oh the pity I will have. The car is dodgy these days, refusing to start when it's most inconvenient. I have to try shutting the car door many times because the seals are frozen and the door won't shut. When the car does start, the ride is rough because the tires all have a flat spot where they were frozen to the ground. Besides, the suspension is also frozen.

The dog still sleeps outside in her doghouse, but we let her in to visit us during the day. Of course, she is a fluffy sled-dog type animal and can tolerate the cold very well. The dog-sled races are coming up soon and we've seen some teams training by the side of the highway. It will be fun to see them race, though I hope it will warm up from these frigid temperatures for the big race day.

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Cicero Sings said...

So COLD ... I bet you can't wait for spring! We were -19 this morning ... I know nothing in comparison. Our lowest here (at our house) was -28 this week. When I was little, we lived in Taylor ... up near Ft. St. John ... and I remember those flat, bumpy tires ... I'd forgotten about that.