Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Cold, Not Me!

This is the only family member that goes outside without decent footwear and a parka in -30 degree C weather (in fact, she appears comfortable and enjoys the sunshine). She is an 82 pound Siberian husky-Alaskan malamute cross. It is a wonderful cross-breed if you have a yard and climate suitable for such a dog. Not many other domestic animals actually prefer winter like these dogs do.


Ottawa Gardener said...

Wow. That animal and me are not in the same species. Oh wait, we're not in the same species. Anyhow, I hope your dog enjoys these days and I'll enjoy the 'dog days' of summer for him.

P.S. -40 yuck. We're having mild temps lately, only -11 or so today.

kate said...

My dog is much the same - he loves this weather. I think he's pouting these past few days because I haven't taken him for long walks. He'd be happy to romp about in this weather, but I wouldn't want to be out.

Cicero Sings said...

... and look how THIN she is!!! Simply not fair. The cold just makes me TUBBY and all that TUB doesn't even seem to ward off the BRRRRRRR!