Saturday, December 01, 2007

Vegetables at northern grocery stores

It's a good thing that resident-lawnmower-man doesn't read this blog, for he would be sure to get worked up about this next story.

I stopped in at the main local grocery store for some potting soil. Of course, I left with a bag full of various items. No, five bags full. Anyhow, I spotted some Belgian endive in my wanderings. I read about this vegetable in a cookbook last night. They recommended cutting it lengthwise and dipping it in a nice herbed dip. I'd never had this before, so I picked some up. Out of interest, I also checked out how much the red peppers were selling for this week: $4.49/lb. I think they even get more expensive later on in the season. I scanned around to see if this was the most expensive vegetable there. No, it wasn't. Belgian endive was the most costly at $4.99/lb. It was tied with strawberries.

I told RLM to buy a red pepper a few days ago and I made a nice couscous and vegetable salad out of it. He told me it better be worth it for the price he paid. Well, I told him that he really should appreciate the Belgian endive with spinach dip for lunch today. I didn't tell him how much I paid for it, but I thought it tasted nice (and besides, endive is rather light compared to heavy items like strawberries and therefore kind-of a bargain when bought by the pound, right?). I may even buy Belgian endive again, that is, until RLM figures out I'm buying the most expensive item in the vegetable section...


kate said...

I love Endive - having it once in awhile is a treat. I'm currently lamenting the cost of avocados in some stores here.

Cicero Sings said...

But one NEEDS variety ... one gets tired of the same old, same old! Especially in winter. Root vegetables are wonderful but a nice little change ... it's worth every little penny!

Mrs. Miles said...

Sure makes one appreciate all the great veg in the summer!

Kandace Groenewegen said...

To calm yourself down if you get concerned with the price, you should try and say belgian endive 10 times fast.

Hee hee.

p.s. I am coming over for lunch next time that is served! Yum!

p.p. s. I agree with Cicero. Us northern folk have to fuzz our eyes concerning the price of good food and bite the bullet.

MrBrownThumb said...


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MrBrownThumb said...

Sorry I forgot to add:

Once you've done all that it should be enough to get that forum to leave your feed alone. If that doesn't work I'd suggest going to GoDaddy and filing a complaint according to their rules.

See that link and follow the steps. It looks like GoDaddy is the host of the blog copying your posts. I hear they're pretty strict about these things and will remove the offending posts.

Hope this helps.