Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Orchid and Paperwhite Blooms

The houseplants are putting on a show now and the Phalenopsis (orchid) should be in full bloom for Christmas. The orchid has taken two years to re-bloom. It has a main flower spike with two small spikes branching off the main one. All have several buds on them. I bought an support stake for the flower spike from Lee Valley tools. I hope it comes soon and works well for this plant.

Here is the first bud open on Phal. Brother Mirage "Brother". This is a non-fragrant type of orchid, but the pretty flowers are enough to bring it great admiration.

Here is my collection of houseplants, huddled together in front of my big livingroom window. The paperwhites are in bloom on the left and the orchid and African violet are blooming on the right. I have three other orchids on the same table (which are not blooming anytime soon). I have decided that the paperwhites STINK. Yes, they are advertised as fragrant, but it is not a fragrance which I have any appreciation for. Anybody else agree with me here?


Cicero Sings said...

Yes, I agree with you on the paper whites ... I only grew them once. Lovely orchid!

Ricky Rickay said...

Oh man, paperwhites give me the worst headache! They smell way too strong to be pleasant. They do have some varieties that have been breed to keep the beauty but loose the stench.. I was thinking about getting a few of those.

Anonymous said...

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Chookie said...

Yes, all the jonquils I've ever seen stink, and I'd hate to have one inside the house. Hyacinths are another traditional indoor bulb but I find their scent cloying too. Perhaps you could try daffodils next year?

kate said...

I prefer the scent of hyacinths, although paperwhites are okay - as long as there is not a big pot around.

I had to laugh when I saw Ottawa Hortiphilia's blog - Ottawa winters can be nasty for a prairie girl. That humidity is awful when it's cold. I got used to the hot, humid summers, but the winters- not! Worse is the freezing rain though ... I hated that. It always seemed to happen when I needed to be somewhere.

But then, there was the canal and skating to work and that seemed to make up for a bit of the climatic bits that I didn't like.

George Africa said...

There was a time long, long ago, when I regularly bought paper whites and the fragrance was sweet. I finally gave up forcing what were available as paper whites because visitors during the holidays all too often found them less than favorable. Kind of like the neat little 12" white narcissus, Thalia, popular with my younger son, good in the garden but not good in closed spaces.

We need a nice replacement for Christmas holidays!

George Africa
The Vermont Gardener