Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cold Outside, Vegetables Inside

The temperatures dropped this past week, with cold down to -27 degrees C one morning. With the windchill, it was -38 degrees C (-36.4 degrees F). Yeah, that's enough to make your nose hairs freeze, tinkle like icicles against each other, and then break off. At least that's how it makes me feel. Of course, all the vehicles now appear tethered by stiff, kinked extension cords to power outlets, with everyone plugging in their block heaters. Where I grew up in BC, I never know block heaters existed. Oh, the naive climate-innocence of the southern British Columbian!

So on the indoor front, my houseplant-vegetables are growing well. I've had to repot the peppers and tomatoes, because they were getting rootbound. The new pots are 5 inch square or 6 inch (diameter) round. I ran out of potting soil though, so I dug stuff out of the worm compost boxes to fill the bigger pots. There's a few worms living in the pots, but they've never caused damage so far.

The pepper and one tomato (Red Robin) are growing into the light fixtures. Tomatoes can be "height adjusted" though, which is fortunate. If you bury a tomato plant stem, that stem will just grow roots and be happy underground. My rootbound tomato had a few branches dying at the bottom anyways, so I just replanted it deep in its pot and now it's not crowding the light.
Micro Tom tomato:

Gerbera daisy I am attempting to grow from seed:

Tasty salad in a pot: I have decided that the "Baja MI" butterhead lettuce is the best performer of this winter's lettuce. It also has the nicest texture and flavour. I highly recommend it. Last winter, I also had success with a romaine called "Paris cos".

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Mrs. Miles said...

Awwww - now I have NO ROOM to complain it may be cold here in the Okanagan, after hearing of your nose hairs freezing off! LOL! That IS cold - hopefully that its a 'dry cold' is a good thing. I feel twice as cold when visiting the coast due t the damp in the air!

I did not know the "height adjusted" bit about tomatoes - thanks for sharing.

Speaking of worms - M and I have a young couple from our church who play music with M... they are newlyweds and they brought the video of their wedding for us to see... (we did not make it to their reception) and get this... they ATE WORMS - no kidding. Sounds like there has been some sort of tradition in the grooms family of daring guests to eat goldfish in the past, for a price, to raise some fun money for the couple... and this couple had asked people to refrain from this fish eating thing, so... the family decided if they could not eat fish, they would eat the 'bait'... rest assured M and I could not bear to watch it!

M & I were talking and we thought we should tell you to check out a way interesting site which we know you would appreciate, keeping in mind it comes from a very scientific point of view. We've been fascinated by the ideas and information here - better than renting movies! (the movies are the talks) Would love to know what you think of some of these!

Thanks again, for sharing!