Saturday, December 08, 2007

Paperwhites too soon

The thermometer read -23 degrees C this morning. Not bad. It's clear and sunny and RLM is out in the shed, spending quality time with the snowmobile for the first time this season. Snowmobilers and floatplanes (on skis) are now using the lake to get around.

I bought paperwhite bulbs last month and followed the instructions to pot them up 6 weeks before Christmas. It seems that mine will be done before then. Oh well. I still have an orchid preparing to make a big show for Christmas.

Here are some pretty frost patterns on our window yesterday afternoon. While the patterns are pretty, the significant condensation and mildew in the wooden frames around the windows are why we are going to replace these windows soon.


Ottawa Gardener said...

I really like the frost patterns. I rarely see them on them 'new fangled' windows though maybe it's just not been cold enough yet.

Mrs. Miles said...

what BEAUTIFUL pics!!! Wow!

ahem, with the price of veg up there... will you be hoping to find exotic produce under the tree this year?


~ B & M

Kandace Groenewegen said...

The frost looks like a leaping unicorn!
Trust a Yellowknifer to leave such a mature comment....