Sunday, December 16, 2007

Micro Tom Tomatoes

It's December and I just ate my first indoor tomato. Just because it's December, I'll say it tasted great! I should have just started about a dozen of these tiny tomato plants, because they are the only ones that I haven't had to compost because they grew too large.
I bought the seeds online and it took about 3 months to go from seedling to fruiting plant. They truly are small, and the tomatoes are like small cherry tomatoes. If I had a bunch of plants, I might have had enough to make a salad. As it is, it's just fun to enjoy the novelty of tiny tomato plants in the basement. I'll save some seeds from one of these tomatoes so I can grow these again.


Ottawa Gardener said...

Do you have them under regular grow lights? I have considered growing a tiny variety of northern tomato inside and now you've given me some inspiration. BTW: I've posted some winter pics for you!

maria said...

I was wondering if one can grow tiny tomatoes like those inside without a light in the winter?


Gardenista said...

Hello Maria,
I saw your question on the tomatoes...and thanks for visiting my blog. I think growing tiny tomatoes would be possible in really bright windows, but the plants would get very tall and "leggy". That is even a problem under fluorescent lights and probably a good reason to use metal halide lights instead, but those are expensive and use lots of electricity!