Sunday, May 11, 2008

Worms, Glorious Worms

I am a proud mother to two thriving boxes of worms. Vermicomposting worms, that is. I think it's been a while since my last worm compost blog post, but I'm happy to say the worms are still doing well.

Remnants of vegetables from days past make gourmet food for worms:

I even know that they're happy. I know this because the worms are no longer clinging to the lid and dashing out of the box (as fast as a worm can dash) when I remove the lid. There were a few grim months in winter when I had to push them back into the box, telling them about the slow painful death they would face on the concrete floor of the garage.

Several generations of worms can be seen in every handful:

Here is one of the two blue compost boxes
(outer container collects the liquid that drains out the bottom) and the green kitchen bin we use to transport compostable stuff to the compost box.

Remarkably, nearly our whole winter's bounty of kitchen waste went into my two worm bins. They are pretty full now, so soon I will spread some compost on the flower beds. I really wish those stickers on fruit and vegetables were compostable though, since those darn things never break down in the compost bin. Ideally, we could have ORGANIC compostable fruit stickers. I hope there's a university agriculture/chemistry department somewhere working on this.

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Amy said...

So great that you're having success with the worm bin. I'm trying to work up the nerve to do this someday :) I hear you about those fruit stickers - what a pain.