Friday, May 16, 2008

Blooming Bulbs for Mid-May

Our flowers are at least a week behind, but here are some photos of what we do have, for the record. My scilla are in full bloom in this partly-shaded location next to a cedar shrub (which I hate because of the large dead spot on the opposite side).

The sloped rock garden gets earlier blooms because of good sun exposure. Botanical tulips, Chionodoxa and Pulsatilla vulgaris are in full bloom. Blue grape hyacinths (Muscari armeniacum) are just starting to bloom.

Botanical tulip Tulipa humilis Violacea from above:


Chookie said...

I love the Tulipa humilis! Glorious colours. Is that gravel mulch or gritty soil around the plants? I've always felt that rockeries would be difficult. Are you troubled by weeds in the rockery?

Gardenista said...

Weeds aren't much of a problem once you get them under control. Occasionally the lawn creeps in though. I have to keep adding soil to the slope, because some washes down. It's a bit sandy soil, but I've added peat and compost to it. I put little pebbles under the leaves of the Lewisia though, because it likes really rocky well-drained conditions.

Marie said...

It sounds like you could use some well established root masses to help hold things in place. Until that happens, I have found great results by planting containers. Litterally.... dig a hole deep enough to cover a small pot. Place the potted plant in the hole and it is amazing how that will help hold soil in newly designed gardens, or in northern gardens.