Wednesday, April 16, 2008

New Blooms? No Way!

Phew! All is okay with the world (in my garden anyways). The Iris reticulata "Harmony" is NOT late this year. I saw two blooms today. I love these mini irises. They are so bright and vibrant, but I find that deep blues and purples can't be seen from far away, so drivers-by probably can't see much of them.

Of course, more of the crocuses are blooming and you may be seeing photos of these for a few more posts. When spring finally comes, it is hard not to be excited. These lovely perfect flowers are a gift from the great gardener up above!

Meet the newest member of the garden team, "Chief Flower Inspector". That's a promotion from last year's position of "Chief Taster of Dirt". She's a fan of the rock garden, can't you tell?

Kona presides over the daily snow-watch while soaking up the sun and looking smug. Resident-lawnmower-man spent last evening collecting her "organic deposits" from all over the backyard. Now that's a demonstration of love for man's best friend.


Owin & Irena said...

all your blooms, indoors and out, look amazing. I predict that by next year "Chief Taster of Dirt" will be further promoted to "Chief Mud-Pie Maker." I've got one on my garden team :)

Lets Plant said...

Excellent pictures!!! My walking Iris bloomed last week and was beautiful!!

Nancy J. Bond said...

I love the miniature iris!

Heather said...

Ooooh, your Iris is just stunning! I love the colour!

I have yet to see anything bloom in my garden yet, though there is a bit of green starting to peek through the soil finally. Yay for spring!

Amy said...

That iris is just gorgeous - I'll have to add that to my wish list!

chey said...

Love the intense color of your iris. Beautiful! I think your Chief Flower Inspector will have much more fun in her new position:).