Saturday, April 05, 2008

First Basement Blooms

Okay, so it's actually just a solitary bloom. But my one of my impatiens "Super Elfin Mix" produced it's first flower. Poor plant is now going to have to wait 2 months to go outside. Currently, you can still drive your truck across the lake, snowmobiling is the top recreational activity, and a nearby community just had another ice fishing derby.

Other than that, I've been pinching off the tops of my other plants, making them more bushy, while delaying their flowers. This Gerbera daisy "Dwarf Pandora's Mix" is going to bloom soon. I know that you can buy Gerbera plants at Walmart, so owning a plant isn't anything unique. However, I grew this plant from seed, starting it last fall. I'm quite impressed that I got it to this point.

Here's one of the flats of seedlings under the grow lights. It contains Phacelia, Asters, Lemon basil, Purple basil, Lobelia, Scabiosa, Papaver miyabeanum, Godetia, and Portulacas.


Jane Marie said...

It looks like you've got a good start.

Nancy J. Bond said...

You have a great start! Impatiens are some of my favorite blooms for their great assortment of colors and hardiness without a lot of sun. :)

Amy said...

Ah yes, you certainly fit the joke about when people ask about the weather "up there" and the person replies that they get two month of bad snow mobile weather! You've got an incredible variety of seeds started, and they're all looking so great.

kate smudges said...

A bloom's a bloom is a bloom! I'd be pretty excited if I saw this happening to my seeds. Growing the Gerbera and getting it to bloom is an accomplishment. You'll have some lovely flowers this coming summer.