Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dimorphotheca sinuata: African daisies

I repotted the Dimorphotheca sinuata "African Sunset" plants a few weeks ago, then made them a new place inside bay window. I also have lemongrass and a few tomatoes up here on the sun-soaked table. Both are plants that quickly get too tall to live under the lights.

I repotted the tomatoes last night, putting them in the bottom of a deep container and burying the stem with potting mix, leaving a few leaves sticking out the top. Tomato stems will grow roots if buried, and this little tip seems to make strong and healthy plants.

Dimorphotheca are South African flowers that are are tolerant to dry conditions. I have noticed that their flowers close in the evening and open again in the morning. I plan to put them in large pots out on the front deck.

These were easy-to-grow seedlings, growing in regular potting mix. They should grow well alongside my other African annual, Osteospermum "Passion Mix". Those plants have been pinched back multiple times to make them bushy and well-branched, so they are not producing buds or flowers yet. I made the mistake of not pinching my Osteospermums a few years ago, and I could never figure out why the plants in the stores looked so much better!


ByrningBunny said...

How early do you begin your seedlings? Do you set anything out before June 1st?

Lets Plant said...

Great pictures!!

Gardenista said...

Ah yes, seedling starting. I have to hold myself back, starting only slow growing perennials in Jan and Feb. I start annuals in March and April. I plant out around June 5.