Saturday, April 19, 2008

April snowstorms bring May...Thaws?

This is what a "60% P.O.P." looks like, just so you know. I believe we are together with Montana and the rest of the prairies in this big snowstorm, which is expected to last until Tuesday. Fabulous. I'm glad we still have the winter tires on the car.

Otherwise, the plants in my bay window are enjoying the light. I seeded a few more lemongrass plants, to ensure a good summer supply. These cherry tomatoes are growing well too. Somehow, though, the banana plant in the background hasn't produced any bananas for me yet. Okay, that might be asking too much for a banana plant grown north of the 55th.


Akinol said...
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Cicero Sings said...

It's snowing in B.C. too ... not only here but I hear from Mrs. Miles, in the Okanagan too. Isn't it disgusting? The ground is white again.

Amy said...

I see our friend Cicero already told you about the snow here. Would you believe it dropped to -10C here last night? It's too cold to do anything outside today and it's supposed to snow this weekend. Yuck!! I had some transplants from my mother's garden that I just dragged into the workshop and covered with blankets.

Owin & Irena said...

okay, that is really tough going. after this winter, I would be going crazy with more snow right now. thankfully, it has been quite summer-like for the past three or four days in toronto. I'll try to send some warm vibes your way.