Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First Spring Blooms

April 15th is the official date of my first outdoor blooms (large flowered crocuses). The first crocus bloom has been on April 16th for the past two years, according to my dutifully kept computer-records of such momentous events. The Iris reticulata (mini irises) are a bit behind this year though, as they usually bloom days before the crocuses. I also have one lonely snowdrop in bloom, but its solitary show is too pathetic to photograph.

More basement impatiens under lights:

My dwarf Gerbera daisy, which I started from a seed last fall. There are two more flower buds at the base of this plant.

A couple of "Red Robin" small cherry tomato plants. These ones stay nice and bushy and make sweet tomatoes. I grew a few over the winter for the occasional fresh snack.


Amy said...

Great that you're finally seeing some flowers! My crocus started blooming just last week.

Are those tomatoes fairly easy to grow under lights in the winter, or is there a trick to getting them to produce fruit when you grow them indoors?

Gardenista said...

I'd say the tomatoes are fairly easy to grow. The keys are repotting them to big enough pots to handle their root system and using the combination of cool white and grow light tubes in the fluorescent light fixture. I used tomato fertilizer occasionally too.

easygardener said...

You must be really, really pleased to see those first flowers after all those months of snow.