Thursday, August 16, 2007

Thai Garden Update

I really like Thai food...those crisp fresh veggies with sweet and hot sauces, rice noodles, grilled skewers of herbed lime-marinated chicken, peanut sauces, searing hot soups with prawn and lemongrass...yummmm! Now, if I could find a way to grow mangos here, that would be ideal. But aside from that, I am in the process of growing some of the ingredients for my own Thai cooking. Growing them in the indoor light garden, that is.
Lemongrass, started a few weeks ago. So far, it has been easy to grow. Looks like grass!

"Heat Wave" Chili peppers. I'm not sure if you can pinch off the tops of peppers to promote bushier growth? I obviously can't have them growing really tall or they'll hit my shop lights. I put worm compost in the bottom half of the containers, which are deeper than my usual perennial containers, since peppers apparently need deep containers.
Tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, potatoes and peppers have extensive root systems and need larger and deeper pots than other container-grown plants. I'm not sure if I'll need to transplant these peppers into bigger pots. This is the first time I've really tried growing peppers indoors!


kate said...

I'll be curious to see how the peppers do ... I really like your blog header!

snappy said...

I am growing two varities of Chilli peppers.Jalapeno, and friars hat.So far only three seedlings have germinated out of twenty four.I will blog my progress.Hope your plants grow well under the grow lights Gardenista :)