Saturday, August 04, 2007

Raised Beds and Rock Garden

The "rock garden", which is more or less just a collection of perennials keeping the sloped gravelly soil stable. I gave several of them a good "haircut" a few days ago, removing the spent flowerheads.

Here are the stacked-rock stone wall raised beds. These are almost entirely filled with perennials, most of which I have grown from seed. I have realized that I have little space left in my beds and I really want resident-lawnmower-man to agree to ripping up more lawn to create a new flowerbed.

I want to incorporate the trees in the center of the lawn into a bark-mulched bed filled with no-fail shrubs and perennials.

I had no idea the blue oat grass bunches would grow so large, yet I love the swaying seed heads of the grasses in this raised bed.

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kate said...

Hmmm ... resident lawnmower men often seem resistant to having their grass disturbed. My friend has the same dilemma - she has been inching away at the grass for years.

Your flowerbeds are gorgeous ... all that space. Boy, it makes me wish I didn't live packed so close to my neighbours!