Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Coleus, Cleome, and Friends

I got out and did some weeding and deadheading today, thankful that the horrible heatwave is taking a hiatus. I think the heat has simply moved over to Ontario though. Poor them! We need some good soaking rains to perk up the poor plants. This raised bed is full of lilies, coneflowers, potentilla, and (the beginnings of) liatris blooms. These perennials completely disguise the tulips' unsightly remains.

Here is Cleome spinosa "Violet Queen". It looks amazing next to the deep blue delphiniums and provides some bright color among the deadheaded perennials. Now that I see it in bloom, the flower reminds me a bit of the wild fireweed.

Finally, my Coleus "Kong Rose" is looking full and lush. It got some frost in early June that stunted it, but it grew back beautifully. This is one of the new large coleus grown from seed (started in my basement).

This is a new delphinium in my garden, started from seed last year. It is a rich purple from the Pacific giant series, called "King Arthur". I absolutely love this color!

Pictured here is daylily "Double River Wye", which has been blooming for weeks now. I am quite happy with it. I like the contrast between it and Delphinium grandiflorum "Blue Elf", which is probably the only reason I don't rip that floppy, self-seeding delphinium out!

My daylily "Little Business" started blooming last week, but I really don't like the color, which is orangy-red. It must go. Besides, it got cooked in its location along the house, which may be more suited to dry and hot-loving plants.

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Ottawa Gardener said...

Your blue elf delphinum self seeded? A new avenue of exploration. I really like my butterfly blue and want more, more!