Saturday, August 04, 2007

Early August Flower Garden

I woke up and went out to get some pictures just after 7 am this morning. The sky is overcast, distant thunder rumbles, and raindrops land on my Tilley hat. The lighting is perfect. I crouch down among the plants near the front walk. I wonder if drivers-by think I'm aiming to break into the house. Nobody has called police yet about my crazy plant obsession.

Echinacea purpurea, bought as a pink variety, but clearly it is not! It was labelled "Ruby Star", but I think the dark-red-stemmed plant next to it is the real "Ruby Star".

Monarda didyma, started from seed 2 years ago. I haven't had any mildew problems here, as is common for this plant. It creeps slowly, spreading to form a large bunch, but is not really invasive in my garden. It is very attractive to bees and butterflies. Thalictrum rochebruneanum "Lavender Mist" (a meadow rue). A visitor to the garden commented that this perennial looks more like a tree. It certainly is taller than me! Papaver somniferum seed heads with purple Cleome spinosa in the background.


Clayton said...

Is your somniferum the purple one. We have a double red which I think is somniferum. I am not a big poppy fan but they come on their own so nice to see.

You have a great place and a lot of work. My wife thinks we have too much and I keep wanting to add beds or whatever. But it only lasts for such a short time and then you dream the rest!


Gardenista said...

I have both pink and purple Papaver somniferum. They are both amazing and I hope they seed themselves around everywhere!

philippine flowers said...

Oh! Those flowers caught my attention. It seems you have a great flower gardens. How I wish I could have a cool garden like yours. Keep it up!