Thursday, June 07, 2007

Spring Colors and Textures

Here is a perennial that looks great this spring: Arabis blepharophylla "Spring Charm". I'm not sure if it's the hairy leaves that gave it the Latin name meaning "eyelash-leaved", but the bright pink flowers on this plant look lovely. I would love to have a few more like this one.

For a perennial that you can't kill, produces perky purple flowers, will spread itself around liberally, infiltrate the lawn and give an aroma of onions when you mow it, good old chives are the answer. I have removed most of these from my perennial beds, but I leave a few around and then cut the flowers off before they go to seed. I want to try some of the giant flowered alliums next year, but I know their hardiness will be in question. Every bulb catalog claims a different zone, so I might just buy a few different ones and cross my fingers. Any tips from prairie growers?

Here are some more pictures of my tulips in the long raised bed. I have a few open spaces in this bed, but each year the spaces are filling in. I planted some poppy seeds in the back of the bed this spring and I notice that the seedlings are about an inch tall now. There is a cluster of Pacific giant delphiniums intermixed with cleome in the center, and I'm hoping for a great show this summer.

"Florissa" single late tulip in the bright morning sun.

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