Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Horses Ride into La Ronge!

And now for a slightly less garden-related story...we were priviledged to have the RCMP musical ride here in town for a show this evening. The weather was beautiful. It rained this morning and was cloudy and cool today but the sun was perfect for the horses this evening. I was impressed to see that several of the riders were from Saskatchewan. The event was fundraising for a local girl with retinoblastoma (cancer in both of her eyes) who has to travel to a distant children's hospital for treatments.
The members rode in formation to recorded music including the theme song to Hockey Night in Canada. In the back of the program for the evening is a public service announcement: Say "neigh" to drugs. Ah, you gotta love us Canadians! I have no idea how I'd never seen the musical ride before in my life, having only ever lived in cities much larger than La Ronge. For answers to questions on the musical ride, see the RCMP site. The horses are Hanoverians mixed with Thoroughbreds, bred in Ontario specifically for the fashionable black color. Yes, apparently in 1937, it was noted that the red serge looked particularly stunning against a black horse. I also liked the maple leaf they imprint (not a brand, just creative grooming) on the horses' rumps.
Here's a picture of my Narcissus Poetaz "Geranium" in the last evening light:

Resident-lawnmower-man takes our fluffy companion out for a walk. She's pretty impatient about pictures when there's an impending walk!

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Kate said...

The musical ride is an impressive sight ... when I lived in Ottawa, we used to go feed the horses when they were out in the pasture. They are beautiful creatures ...

And your Narcissus is gorgeous and your puppy looks like mine when he's itching to head for the park. Forget pictures mum and let's get moving!