Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Pink Potentilla and Columbines

The columbines are blooming now and I'm braving the blowing fluff from the cottonwood trees to take photograph them. Sneeze, sneeze, sniff...I started several of these Potentilla x "Helen Jane" two years ago. They have an intense raspberry-pink flower. In good soil and full sun, the largest plant has gotten about 90 cm wide by 50 cm tall. It is not a compact plant, being rather open, but not quite "sprawling".

This is the neighbour's dock across the street. I'm assuming the grandkid's bicycles are destined for a splash in Lac La Ronge. Here are the three sandcherries we planted two years ago. My grand plan is to facilitate cross-pollination between all the cherry trees/shrubs in the yard: Nanking cherry (Prunus tomentosa), Pincherry (Prunus pensylvanica) , "Carmine Jewel" dwarf sour cherry and sandcherry (Prunus x cistena). The dwarf sour cherry apparently can self-pollinate, but I understand that the other trees all have better yields when cross-pollinated. I'm not sure if the Nanking cherries are going to make it this year though, as they haven't leafed out yet! Good grief!


the Red Scot said...

Love the pictures. What columbine varieties do you grow?

Gardenista said...

Thanks! I have had a red and white Aquilegia x caerulea "Coral Star", and an "Origami Blue and White" and I believe my tall pink double-flowered one is an Aquilegia vulgaris "Nora Barlow". The rest are unknowns. Altogether though, the columbines cross and self-seed and sometimes come from the garden center without labels. I have yet to get an alpine aquilegia or the variegated foliage types. I hope the songbird series seedlings will be nice.

Nora said...

I stumbled across a link to our site from another gardening site, and I've been reading for a couple of weeks now. I keep coming back to this entry because I love the coral star columbine. In that photo anyway, it appears to be such a pretty shade. I have blue & white, pure white, and Nora Barlow, but nothing quite like that. It's lovely.