Sunday, June 03, 2007

Shades of Tulips

The single late tulips are looking wonderful, with the exception of the very slow Skagit Valley which has yet to show any colors. I can't help but post lots of photos. The tulips have to be one of the most impressive things I grow up here. Resident-lawnmower-man's brother claims he didn't know tulips grew in this province. Ha! His own mother grows them in southern Saskatchewan. I guess I educated someone today. However, that isn't as bad as my neighbours who thought my tulips were plastic! I also wonder at the people who think I take the tulips indoors for the winter and then plant them out in the spring. What are they teaching in primary school these days anyhow?
Pink "Menton" single late tulips in the center raised bed.
(Front to back) "Florissa" (pink single late), "Negrita" (purple Triumph tulip), "Menton" (light pink SL), and "Maureen" (white SL) tulips.
"Florissa" single late tulip, my new favourite color. So delicious-looking, you'd want to eat it. Definitely preferred over the lighter pink Menton, and it blends with the purple tulips better.
Yellow (Darwin hybrid?) and white "Maureen" tulips, with blue oat grass at right.
Again, "Negrita" purple Triumph tulips in the larger raised bed. As you can see, the single late tulips are monsters when it comes to height and bloom size. They probably wouldn't be good in a really windy place, but their stems are pretty strong and they stand up well under ordinary conditions.

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Lovely tulips!!!