Saturday, June 13, 2009

Starting Tulip Season in the North

Yes, it is June 13 and tulip season has begun! Wow, better late than never. Resident- lawnmower-man spent a great deal of time mowing the large lawn this afternoon, so I can take pictures again without fearing the unsightly grass. Of course, if he would just let me replace the lawn with a mass of shrubs, perennials, trees, and a fortune in bark mulch, we'd not have this problem of mowing. Alas, that will never happen, says he.
Lily-flowered "Claudia" tulip, planted fall 2008:

Tulips: at the back is purple Triumph tulip "Negrita" (planted 2007), yellow and white "Calgary Flame" and in the foreground, "Blue Diamond" Double Late (planted 2007 and also smaller this year).

This next picture demonstrates why you cannot grow fancy modern tulips year after year without replacing them. This purple and white "Zurel" Triumph tulip was planted in 2007 and this year only one of the plants has produced a flower (which is puny and unimpressive).

The rest of the Triumph tulips that are 2+ years old are also showing miniaturized flowers. I'll be digging these up and replacing them with new bulbs this fall. Generally, I would say that the Single Late tulips seem to last a few years longer than the Triumph tulips.
Two colors of Pulsatilla vulgaris in the sloped rock garden:

Yet another experiment on zone-stretching: Anemone blanda "Blue Star" made it through the winter! I planted this bulb last fall in the center raised bed. It is labelled as zone 4 or 5 on plant websites, though it seems to be hardy here.


Laurie and Joshua said...

I did not realize that when I was told the growing season did not start up there until mid-June that it included cold weather plants like tulips.
Best of Luck!

Karen said...

My tulip season has just passed, so I will enjoy yours now. We have similar taste in tulips, with just enough difference to make it interesting.

Wow, that zone pushing is impressive! I can't even grow zone 6 plants in my zone 5B garden.

Sigrun said...

I never cease to be impressed by the vast rock gardens and raised beds. I have a large expanse, too, but I will have to completely renovate as they are invaded by quack grass and dandilions (and ant hills). I would just round-up everything and start from scratch, but there are family heirloom plants in there.