Saturday, June 20, 2009

Delicate Blooms

The forecast calls for cooler weather and a steady light rain for the next few days. This is good for gardeners and their gardens, but not so good for campers. I don't plan on doing any camping anytime soon, so this is fine for me. Actually, it's also good for pulling out dandelions, since the wet soil makes it easier to get that strong taproot out with my Jekyll weeder.

Here are the rose-like blooms of the double-flowered Primula auricula "Shalford's double". The dark color of the bloom and small stature of the plant require that you get close to the ground to appreciate it.

This short, blue-flowered columbine is Aquilegia glandulosa, a perennial of Chinese origin. It must be a fabulous addition to my garden as it is listed as "rare" on several plant websites. Now I like this plant even more! It was gifted to me last year by another gardener.

The flowering crabapple tree has put on its party clothes this week:


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Even if your blooms are later than ours, they are no less beautiful.

Glad that you are having some weather fine enough to enjoy the flowers.

Love that beauty columbine, I have never seen that one before. I have Nora Barlow growing slowly in a pot, can't wait to see it bloom.


Rosemary said...

That's the most beautiful primula I've ever seen!

I love the columbine, too. (Columbines are my favourite.)