Monday, June 01, 2009

More Gardens of Saskatoon

I took up William's recommendation from the comments section of my last post and went to the Patterson Gardens this morning. This Saskatoon, SK garden contains many varieties of trees and shrubs and best of all, everything is labelled with common and botanical names! These gardens are the antidote to show gardens, which tend to have large quantities of unlabelled plants without any interesting variety.
Golden Currant blooms:
Although only a few trees are leafed out or blooming now, I am resolved to revisit this garden later in the summer sometime. I would love to see all the colors of the potentillas and see what the Kentucky Wisteria looks like. I'd never have thought of Wisteria as a vine for the prairies! I also notice that a grape vine was planted there last year.
Some flowering crabapple trees at Patterson Gardens:

Carmine Jewel Tart Cherry Tree, which is the same variety I grow in my yard at home! Mine is pruned to a single stem, whereas this one has been allowed to grow into more of a vase shape.

It was rather cool outside today, so I also ventured across the river to the Conservatory at Saskatoon's Mendel Art Gallery. It always tropically-warm inside this glass building. It houses a number of large tropical plants with an ever-changing display of potted flowers, including orchids. There was only one ladyslipper orchid there today, but the display of potted pelargoniums (geraniums) was colorful.
I got married in this conservatory, so it's always fun to revisit the memories here as well.


Laurie and Joshua said...

Sounds fun.
I am sure that it will be a lot greener in the summer.

Karen said...

Lovely to see the gardens of Saskatoon. Those blue poppies tempt everyone, I think. I've never seen one thriving anywhere before. :)