Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Season between Tulips and Delphiniums

The flower beds are not as colorful as they were at the height of tulip season, but they look a lot more full and lush now. The slow-to-start perennials, such as lavender and blanketflowers (Gaillardia) have now leafed-out.
Allium "Gladiator" in raised bed (with shorter Allium "Purple Sensation" just behind them):

Delosperma nubigenum in the rock garden. These are the first blooms I have seen from this suprisingly hardy little succulent. I fully recommend this plant. It looks fantastic from the time the snow melts right up until the snow falls on it again.

This photos was taken yesterday at lunch time, just before a huge thunderstorm rolled in and our power went out (again).

The rock garden is looking well-grown now. The blue fescues and pulsatillas are going to seed right now, making things look a bit messy near the bottom.

For my mother: A picture of my rhubarb. Mom's always asking if my rhubarb is the "red kind". It looks reddish at the bases anyhow. How much redder does rhubarb gets?

My very rustic barrels of rambling flowers. There's nothing fancy about these driveway adornments. The Dimorphotheca African sun (orange) open up only in sunshine and are quite happy-looking in this picture.


Anonymous said...

Your garden is looking terrific! My perrenials are doing fine... but its just not a good year for annuals here in southern Quebec-- they temperatures are relatively low, so my plants have yet to start their massive growth!! arrgg... and they have been in for over a month now!! oh.. and my roses have fungus on them (I guess its the cool/damp temps again), so the later blooming ones did not develop buds!!

My delphiniums are only blooming now. When do yours bloom where you are?


Gardenista said...

While we have to withstand winter, I guess we are lucky not to have conditions that trigger fungus, nor many other plant pests. Our delphiniums bloom in the first week of July, so it will not be long!

Karen said...

I thought all rhubarb was "the red kind". There's another kind?

Your gardens are looking great!

easygardener said...

I had a lovely pink Delosperma which lasted only 2 days before it was eaten by slugs/snails. I should try it again because it was so bright and cheerful.
I love rhubarb. I can guarantee it will be red when cooked if you add a dash of grenadine which I always do. Improves the flavour too.