Sunday, June 08, 2008

A Day Without Rain, Again

It was a beautiful, sunny hot day again today. You could still see the garden at 10:00 pm, as it was still somewhat light outside. I love that I can garden until the late news comes on TV. Someday, we'll have to get some rain up here though. I heard on the news that one of the far northern communities in this province (Uranium City) was evacuated because of fires. Besides fires, rain would keep down the horrendous amounts of dust blowing off the dirt road that goes past our house.
The double flowered tulip "Blue Diamond" finally stay open all day:

In the next few days I'll be getting pictures of the wild orchids that grow behind our property. Cypripedium acaulis, the pink lady slipper, grows wild on granite slabs in filtered light all around the La Ronge area.
Wavy lines of the rock wall containing my collection of perennials:

More pictures of the "cup-shaped flowers", as a passerby called them today. What are they teaching in schools these days anyhow? Ha! Maybe I need to make my flower labels bigger just for educational value.

I dug up some tulips that stopped blooming this year, with plans to replace them in fall. I wonder if there's some trick to doing this, as it's easy to miss a bulb, especially when digging among other established plants and shrub roots!

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Kandace Groenewegen said...

Those cup shaped flowers are beautiful! Am I looking at a yard in Victoria or??! I love the rock walls - looks amazing!!